Welcome to the Religious Education Department

Teaching Staff: Miss J Hanna (HoD), Mrs L Dougan, Mrs A McCrory, Mrs V Patterson



Life is a journey from beginning to end… in the RE Department we want to encourage you to explore, analyse and reflect upon a variety of experiences throughout your time at LJHS. 

We will discover the wide variety of religious belief in our own community and in other societies around the world.  From the foundation of the Christian faith, we will also discover a little about the other main religions in the world today.

Our aim is that you will feel comfortable discussing your thoughts and ideas in a safe, enriching and positive environment.  Lessons are planned to be both exciting and challenging for everyone!

Our hope is that during your three years at LJHS you will learn new skills, helping you to mature in your own spiritual experience – and to reflect upon the experiences of other people around the world you live in.

Our starting point for every topic we explore will always be what the Holy Bible has to say about the things you may face along life’s journey … we will use this as a basis upon which to build. 

We want you to develop Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities that will help you make informed and mature choices in life.  These will enable you to grow and become a responsible member of our school family, our local community and with the wider world in which you live!  

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TOPIC 1: WHAT IS RE? - A brief view of religions across the world and focusing on the Christian Faith. Helping us to see that there are many religions in our world today.

TOPIC 2: THE BIBLE - Discovering the origins and background to the Holy Bible. Finding out what other have to say about the Bible and its relevance for our lives today. Learning to use the Bible as our text book.

TOPIC 3: CORRIE TEN-BOOM - Looking at the terrible events of The Holocaust through the eyes of a 20th Century Christian hero “Corrie Ten Boom” - One woman's stand against the evil in her world.

TOPIC 4: DISCOVERING JESUS' LAND - What do we know of the land of Palestine? This unit helps us to discover what life was like for those who lived at the time of Christ. The Geography, Politics and Religion of Biblical Palestine brought into focus for us.



TOPIC 1: THE MIRACLES OF JESUS - ‘Making the impossible into the possible’ - we will be learning how Jesus reached out to those in need and revealed that he was ‘God in human form.'

TOPIC 2: THE PARABLES OF JESUS - ‘An earthly story, with a heavenly meaning’ - Using the stories that Jesus taught as a sign-post for directing life in our world. Issues such as tolerance, prejudice, bitterness, forgiveness and hope will be considered in this unit. 




Examining the events surrounding the last week in the life of Jesus Christ as he made his way to Jerusalem and the Cross of Calvary. In this extended unit we will consider issues such as -

  • The role of Jesus as MESSIAH
  • The Tabernacle of Moses – A background to Sacrifice
  • The entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)
  • The Jewish Leaders and the Roman Governor
  • Passover - The original night in Egypt & The modern day festival
  • Judas Iscariot - the betrayer
  • The arrest and trials of Jesus
  • Roman customs, laws and punishments
  • The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
  • The events of the first Easter morning



As part of our Preventative and Nurturing Curriculum we link with a number of external agencies to enhance the promotion of healthy lifestyles and positive self-regard. All agencies engaging directly with pupils strictly adhere to the policies, values and ethos particular to our school. Please use the web links below to access information that may be valuable to you as a parent.

Currently we utilise the services offered by:

Love for Life - www.loveforlife.org.uk

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The R.E.A.C.H. Team - https://www.reachmentoring.co.uk/

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The Eating Distress Association (ADAPT) www.adapteatingdistress.com  

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Additionally, if you wish to discuss any issue around the Religious Education Programme in Lurgan JHS, please contact Miss J Hanna (Head of Department) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  who will be pleased to help you.