Pupil Assessment

Year 8 pupils are placed in classes according to the teacher assessed levels at the end of Key Stage 2 results in PIE and PIM and the professional judgement of the Primary School. All pupils are encouraged to work to their full potential and are rewarded for their successes through our Positive Behaviour Procedure.


Our Assessment procedures are regularly reviewed in order to support pupil learning.

TESTING: GL Assessment tests are carried out in English and Mathematics (P.T.E and P.T.M) during Year 8. CAT4 and PASS are also used to provide additional information to support teaching and learning.
ASSESSMENTS: Throughout the year, a variety of assessments are carried out in all areas of the curriculum:
• Controlled assessment
• Homework
• Peer Assessment
• Self-Assessment
REPORTS: Reports are issued bi-annually. Assessment combines the continuous monitoring and checking of pupils’ progress throughout the year with a formal examination in the Summer Term. Some pupils may change class as a result of Christmas and/or Summer Examinations or at times on the professional judgement of the Teaching Staff and Senior Leadership Team.
COMMUNICATION: You will have an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress at the Year 8 Parents’ Information Day in January with his/her Form Teacher. Parents and Guardians will be consulted in order to ensure an appropriate appointment slot. If you require a meeting with the Form Teacher at any other time, you are requested to ring the school office to make an appointment.
SHOW MY HOMEWORK: The school believes that it is important for pupils to learn to work independently. Therefore, it is school policy to set homework as and when appropriate. The type of homework set will vary according to the pupil’s age and ability. Homework is any constructive task set to be completed outside the timetabled day. The website and app 'Show My Homework' will be used by teachers to show pupils and parents what homework is due, detailed guidelines along with any necessary resources attached. It will also be used for quizzes, online submissions of homework and effective feedback.