Music - Extracurricular

Welcome To Our Music Clubs

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Our newly formed Orchestra is a great way to end the week. It takes place on a Friday, 3.20pm - 4.15pm. Pupils have a relaxed environment to enjoy performing music together from a range of genres. Any pupil who receives EA Tuition in School is expected to attend. Any pupil who receives Private Tuition outside of School is very welcome to also attend.

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Our Choir is for everyone who loves to sing! It takes places every Monday from 3.20pm - 4.15pm. Choir is a fun environment where everyone involved can relax after a busy school day and have a lot of fun together performing a range of songs.

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 Each week has a different playlist consisting of:

  • A Starter Warmup
  • A Fresh Song (last 5 years!)
  • A Golden Oldie
  • A Challenge Song
  • A Finisher Song

We will also work on songs for various events throughout the year such as Prize Day, Christmas Carol Service, Assemblies, Concerts, House Music etc.


We have both a Beginners and Advanced group in Ukulele Club, performing a wide range of music whilst developing competent strumming patterns and a secure knowledge of a variety of chords. 

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Ukulele club is free to attend although the following equipment is necessary if progression of learning is to take place:

  • A Ukulele (a Soprano Ukulele is suitable for beginners, around £20-£25, Aquila Strings at £5 make it sound so much better!)
  • A Tuner (a free app can be downloaded or purchase a clip on tuner around £5)
  • A plectrum 


We have a fantastic "Modern Band" who rehearse on Fridays, 3.20 - 4.15pm. This band consists of Drummers and Guitarists, both lead, rhythm and bass. Anyone who plays Drums, Guitar or Piano is very welcome to attend. 

Modern band 001


We are delighted to have the following EA tutors in school on a weekly basis:

  • Upper Strings
  • Lower Strings
  • Brass
  • Woodwind

We also have Private tuition available in school for:

  • Piano
  • Vocals
  • Drums

MUSIC EVENTS 2017 - 2018

Monster Music Marathon - October 2017

music marathon 001

music marathon 002

music marathon 003

music marathon 004

For a full gallery of photographs, please visit:

Christmas Assembly - December 2017

assembly 001

High School Musical - February 2018

The Music Department thoroughly enjoyed teaching the Songs for our Musical this year. The choir and soloists were a fantastic bunch!

hsm 001

hsm 002

House Music - June 2018

We had a very successful House Music competition in June 2018. Many acts performed to represent their House and voting for favourite acts took place online! Pictured below are our winners (the most votes!) from each House! The overall winning house this year was CARRICK. Rebecca will collect the cup on Prize Day on behalf of Carrick. Well done to all who took part and made this a huge success!

house music 001

house music 002

house music 003

house music 004

house music 005