Ski Trip

SKI TRIP 2018 - Austria

Thursday 1st February - 7pm

Shooting and pool night out in Ehrwald!

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Thursday 1st February - 3pm

Just finished Day 5 - today we had a little snow! Click on the picture below to watch a video.

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Monday 31st January - 3pm

Yesterday's journey down the Zugspitz. Click on the image to view a video.

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Tuesday 30th January - 3.30pm

Watch a short video of the perfect skiing conditions experienced in Day 2!

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Monday 29th January - 9.30am

The morning has started with a delicious breakfast and a very 'chilled' vibe before a busy day on the slopes! 

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Sunday 28th January - 12.30pm

Our skiers have completed their very first skiing session of the week! They have been divided into groups and are learning the essential basics. Time for a well-earned lunch break before the afternoon session! Everyone having a brilliant time. 

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Sunday 28th January - 8am

Having arrived at the hotel last night, we were unable to appreciate the view until daylight this morning - and what a view it is! All pupils got their ski boots, skis and helmits last night and are ready for the slopes today!

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