3 Mrs L Currie         Principal
 4 Mr K Lunn      History      Year Head
 5 Mrs F Kennedy       Science      Year Head
 6 Mrs B Carson       Science      Head of Science / Teacher Tutor
 7 Mrs R Miskelly      Languages      Head of Modern Languages 
 8 Miss L Haughian      French      Year Head / Assistant SENCO
 9 Mr R McDowell      Boys' P Ed.      Head of Boys' P Ed.
 10 Mr M Thompson      History      Vice Principal - Curriculum
 11 Mrs S Carson      Art & Design  
 12 Mrs J Graham      English      Communication Co-Ordinator
 13 Mrs J Clements      Art & Design  
 14 Mrs R McDermott      Mathematics      Pupil Tracking Co-Ordinator
 15 Mrs E Walker      Geography  
 16 Mrs A Jardine      English      Acting HoD English / Library
 17 Miss L Gamble      Science  
 18 Mr M Addley      History      Head of History / Shared Education Co-Ordinator
 19 Miss D Osborne      Mathematics      Senior Teacher - Curriculum / Data Manager / Assessment & Reporting
 20 Miss A McKay      Science  
 21 Mr J Guy      P Ed.      Senior Teacher - Pastoral Care / Co-Ordinator for Transfer / Head of CEAIG
 22 Mr R Logan      Geography      Year Head / ICT Co-Ordinator
 23 Mrs E Quinn      Girls' P Ed.      Head of Girls' P Ed.
 24 Miss J Hanna      Religious Ed / LLW      Head of R Ed. / Co-Ordinator for Personal Development
 25 Mrs A Mann      French/Spanish  
 26 Mrs A McCrory      Music      Website & Social Media Co-Ordinator
 27 Miss J Nelson      English      School Promotion - Photographs, Prospectus
 28 Mrs L Harvey      Maths      Numeracy Co-Ordinator
 29 Mrs M Moorehead      Music & SEN      SENCO / Head of Music
 30 Mr R Poots      Tech & Design      Head of Technology & Design / Transport Manager
 31 Mr J Ervine      Science   
 33 Mrs J Graham      HE       Head of Home Economics
 36 Mrs D Beck      English       
 37 Mrs D Gray      HE  
 38 Mrs K Maginnis      Mathematics      Year Head 
 39 Mrs K Walmsley      Geography      Head of Geography
 41 Mrs J Alexander      Mathematics      Head of Mathematics / Attendance Co-Ordinator
 42 Mrs U O'Reilly      French/Spanish  
 43 Mr C Lawther      Science  
 44 Mrs L Dougan      Girls' P Ed.  
 45 Mrs V Patterson      Art & Design  
 46 Mr G Black      Tech & Design      Year Head / Co-Ordinator for Citizenship / School Trips 
 47 Mrs W Gilbert      Drama      Head of Drama
 48 Mrs R Kerr      French/Spanish      Vice Principal - Pastoral Care
 49 Mrs S Wilkinson      HE