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15th December 2017

What a busy day at LJHS! Firstly thank you to all participants and Mrs Graham who ensured that LJHS Bake Off was a huge success. Special thanks to Mr Sydney McCormick, former governor and proprietor of The Kosy as our expert. Also thank you to Chairman and to so many talented pupils who performed so well under pressure. Well done to everyone!

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Thank you also to the Barcelona Fundraisers - adults and pupils for all their efforts.

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Super to see and hear the contributions made by Year 8s in the TPV elections- a talented and enthusiastic group of young people, a credit to our school.

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Year 10 Career talks have gone on all week and we hope they have proved beneficial to our pupils. Thank you Mr Guy for arranging them.

The generosity shown by all families in providing for the Food bank is really appreciated.

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Also impressed by the hard work of Young Enterprise in making the most beautiful Christmas gifts.

Thank you to the Misses Cardwell's for the bun sale to support their charity.

Thank you too Mr Lunn for Wednesday night’s disco. Our children loved it.

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And last but not least a wonderful warm thank you to all those who supported Miss Hanna and Mrs McCrory in the Christmas Assembly. The pupils were absolute stars. It was also lovely to have Mr Peter Wright from Hill St Presbyterian Church to support this occasion.

Parents be proud of your children. They have given a lot this week. We too are proud of them and wish them a wonderful weekend.

L E Currie

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28th September 2017

Aspire comes to Lurgan JHS!

Mrs Rhoda Kerr, Pastoral V.P. invited 2 inspirational young people and past pupils of our school for an evening meeting with parents and pupils for an incredible opportunity to raise engagement and attainment.

Mark and Matthew, Aspire Leaders, spoke to all informally over a cup of coffee to raise awareness of the possibilities to improve pupils’ learning by providing support, resources and free tuition.
From next week, 10 of our pupils will be able to avail of the after school club for homework support and downtime. This runs on 3 afternoons when volunteers will make themselves available to support our young people both academically and pastorally.

We are delighted that they can provide such a wonderful service and on behalf of all pupils and parents present on Wednesday evening, I wish them every success. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be involved in such a worthwhile community project.

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A big thank you to the ASPIRE Team!

Mrs L Currie

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27th September 2017

Congratulations to our Under 13s Hockey Team who had a great 2-0 win against Killicomaine JHS at the weekend. Goal scorers were Danielle Ervine and Sophie Wylie. Well done to all our girls!

The under 14s had a good game against a very strong Killicomaine team. They performed so well and worked hard right to the end. We wish them well as they continue through this season.

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I was absolutely delighted to hear about Saturday’s achievements regarding the Equestrian Team. There was a huge number of competitors but Lurgan JHS did themselves proud with Daniel Moore riding a double clear and securing 2nd place time wise, Callum FitzGerald with only one pole down and Ellie Leathem – out for the first time with her new pony – a tremendous start!


Outside of school, as members of Lurgan Town Juniors, six of our boys, Kristian Cassells, Patryk Suchonski, Dylan Alexander, Jamie Stokes, Dylan Emerson and Luke Vennard, alongside their team had a wonderful 3-1 win against Windmill starts on Saturday. Well done to all of them!

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Today I am looking forward to the U13 Rugby match against RBAI. I wish the boys every success.

Mrs L Currie

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26th September 2017

Dear Parents

On behalf of staff members who attended the Modern Languages/History Trip to Paris and Normandy, I want to say a huge thanks to all parents and pupils involved.

Your kindness and appreciation of staff members and the contribution they made to the trip was overwhelming and all staff benefitted from the treats and eats you provided. The teachers and non- teaching staff involved could not have felt more valued.

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Thank you for taking up this wonderful and enriching trip for your children. They will have many memories of this for years to come.

Mrs L Currie

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9th September 2017

Good to see the Under 14 and Under 13 Hockey Teams in action this morning in their first match against Royal School Armagh. The U14 team gave their best efforts and also battled against the relentless rain to finish with a scoreless draw. Thanks to the parents who gave their support. It is so motivating for your children.

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The Under 13s played against a tough Armagh side and by the time I left Kathy Thompson had scored the first goal. 
Despite the bad weather, the girls showed great character and persistence. 
Mrs Sue Gibson was there to offer, as always, her constant encouragement to the teams and it was just super to welcome back Miss Chloe McCann to LJHS, this time as staff member and umpire. 
The girls looked smart in their new all weather coats purchased from The Gordon Group. 
Well done, girls. I am looking forward to your next matches. 

LJHS pitches were very busy this morning. As I was leaving, I met 3 very happy Glenavon players. (U18 team) They had finished their match with a 3-1 win. Congratulations boys. A good start to your season.

Mrs L Currie

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8th September 2017

Dear Parents

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As you can see, your children are looking happy and confident. The majority have settled so comfortably to BIG school and appear to be enjoying their first days. This is one of our biggest year-groups and we are at our maximum numbers. I continue to enjoy seeing them respond to the routines of LJHS.

I just love the photograph of our PE Boys in their new kit. They know they look good!

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Mrs L Currie

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1st September 2017

Dear Former Pupils of LJHS,

All staff are delighted by the great A level results. We wish you well as you continue your educational journey. We invite you to return to LJHS at any time to keep us informed of your progress.

Well done to those who have completed their As examinations and other courses. We wish you well as you continue your studies.We in LJHS are absolutely delighted by the outstanding GCSE results. Keep studying and give your best as you return to do your As subjects and other courses.


L Currie

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31st August 2017

Dear Parents,
We had a lovely morning with your children. Thank you for sending them to LJHS. They were all very well presented and so well mannered. All their Form Teachers have been so impressed.
We are looking forward to Friday when they will begin their learning. Have a wonderful evening.
Mrs L Currie
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 30th August 2017

Good afternoon, Year 8s,

All your teachers are feeling excited and genuinely looking forward to your arrival tomorrow morning. There is no need for anyone to feel worried or nervous as it is a similar experience for everyone. Form Teachers will be present in the Junior Assembly Hall to greet you and they will be supported by some of our Year 10 pupils. Many of you are already familiar with the school due to your attendance at Open Evening or at Taster Days and the fact that your brothers or sisters have been former pupils at the school.

Have a good night’s sleep and we will see you at 8.50 a.m. on Thursday morning. On arrival, just make your way to the Hall and take a seat. Your Form Teachers will have lots of useful advice and information for you. They are keen to give you the best start possible. Hopefully there will be time to visit the many classrooms where you will be taught a variety of subjects. And before you know it, it will be 12.30 and your parents will be waiting to collect you.See you all tomorrow. Enjoy your evening.

Mrs Currie

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