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DAY 4 - Disneyland Paris

Today was the day we finished off a great trip. A 10am arrival at Disneyland Paris and Disney Studios. Space mountain, Tea Cups and the Tower of Terror were a particular highlight.
The kids have been fantastic and a credit to our school and their families. There have been great memories made, with a little education and remembrance on a sacrifice made to ensure our freedom.



DAY 3 - Paris Tour

Today was a bus/boat day, it didn't stop raining from start to finish! We left for Paris at 9am and tested the fine french cuisine at McDonald's on the Champs-Elysees. We made our way to the top of Montparnasse Tower to get an aerial view of downtown Paris. Our tour guide took us on a whistle stop tour of the city, driving past a few main monuments, including the tunnel in which Princess Diana passed away 20 years ago last month. We have safely arrived in our Disney Hotel, some fella Mickey was on the check in desk to greet us and our security guard on the gate was a wee bit Goofey if we are honest.


Watch a video of the entertainment on the bus journey! Click Here

DAY 2 - Pegasus Bridge, German Strongholds & The Bayeux Tapestry

We started the day by visiting Pegasus Bridge earlier in the morning. This was a key bridge captured the night before 6th June 1944 by 90 men of the 6th Airborne Division. It was essential to capture this bridge and prevent a counter offensive from the German soldiers once the British troops had landed at Sword Beach on D-Day.


They used gliders to glide for 6 miles onto the drop zone at Pegasus Bridge. The 3 planes landed 47 metres from the bridge, an incredible achievement. An Allied soldier named Lieutenant Brotherridge, was asked did he want to miss the assault and stay at home with his pregnant wife who was expecting their first child in 3 weeks. His response was 'I trained with those men and I am not abandoning them now.' Lieutenant Brotherridge was shot and killed in the neck running across the bridge, leading his men. He was the only fatality of the assault.

We ventured on to Merville Battery, a German stronghold that was blocking the Allied forces from the French town of Caen. 600 paratroopers were dropped in by plane, but due to an unsuccessful drop, only 150 arrived at the command post, they pressed on and over half were killed capturing the battery successfully.


If you look carefully at one of the photos with Mr Addley and a few of our pupils standing in front of a wall, you can see artillery fire chunks out of the wall. Mr Addley's group also discovered an artillery position which had been engraved by German soldiers in July 1941 saying 'Germany must live.'


The pupils finished with the opportunity to board an actual Plane used in the dropping of the Airborne Division Paratroopers onto Merville.


We spent the the afternoon in Caen Memorial Museum, lots of questions about the Holocaust with some incredibly powerful artefacts and accounts present in the Museum.


That was followed by a trip to the small village of Bayeux and the Tapestry Museum. Woven nearly 1000 years ago it is at the heart of our Year 8 curriculum. Incredible to see all 70 metres of it. 


We made a last minute stop at the Bayeux British Memorial Cemetery. Our pupils found it particularly incredible to see 4,000 war graves. Some went looking for the 314 of the 4000 headstones that Mr Addley had informed them would say 'a soldier of the war' as they were unknown. Most went and stood by a grave, just for a few minutes.




DAY 1 - Exciting Update ...

Whilst out for some food, we got to meet a very special person - Ash, (pictured middle) from North Carolina ... a World War Two vet from D-Day!


DAY 1 - Arromanches

After departing from the Junior High at 0215 this morning, we arrived in Paris and journeyed North towards Normandy!


We arrived at our first destination of Arromanches. It was here, the day after the D-Day landings, that the Allied forces created an artificial harbour allowing 9,000 tons of material to be brought into France each day.



We experienced a 360 degree cinema explaining this incredible story.


Off to the hotel for dinner and an early night.

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