Translink 10/10/16

Dear Parents,

I would like to update you regarding some school buses arriving late into school in the morning and in the afternoon.  This has been a stressful time for our pupils, parents and staff.

The Teacher in Charge of Transport and I have spoken to Translink regularly about late buses.  We have been informed that a new scheduler is working to support us.  Unfortunately, whist their intentions are genuine, the impact for our young people is not supportive – they arrive late to first period class and in the afternoons, a number have had to rely on parents or family members to collect them.

Last week, I contacted Mrs Carla Lockhart (DUP & Governor)and Mrs Joanne Dobson (UUP).  I hope they can support us in resolving this situation.  In the meantime, I want to thank all of you who have contacted the school with your concerns.  I am hopeful that this can be resolved quickly in the interests of all our children.

Yours sincerely




Mrs L Currie