Mrs. L. Currie (Principal and Designated Teacher for Child Protection)

Mrs. R. Kerr (Vice Principal)

Mr. M. Thompson (Acting Vice Principal)

Mr. T. McKay  (Chair of the Board of Governors)


Mrs. J. Clements (Year 10 Girls)

Mr. G. Black (Year 10 Boys)

Mrs. C. Walker (Year 8 Boys)

Mrs. K. Maginnis (Year 8 Girls)

Mr. M. Thompson (Year 9 Boys)

Mrs. J. Fitzgerald (Year 9 Girls)


Mr. J. Johnston

Mrs. L. Currie

Acting Principal
Mrs. F. Kennedy

Mrs. B. Carson

Science Induction Tutor for Probationer and Student Teachers
Mrs. J. FitzGerald

French and German Examinations/Pupil Tracking
Mr. R. McDowell

Boys’ P Ed. Head of Boys’ P Ed./Primary School Liaison
Mr. M. Thompson

History Head of History/Entitlement Framework Co-ordinator/Year Head
Mrs. J. Graham

English School Ezine
Mrs. J. Clements

Art and Design Area of Study Co-ordinator – Creative and Expressive Studies/Year Head
Mrs. R. McDermott

Mrs. E. Walker
Home Economics Head of Home Economics
Mrs. A. Jardine

English Teacher Librarian/Resources
Mr. M. Addley

Miss D. Osborne

Mathematics Attendance/Recording and Reporting
Mr. J. Guy

P Ed, LLW and RE Employability/Career Guidance and Transfer at 14
Mr. R. Logan

Geography Co-ordinator of Economic Awareness with responsibility for Energy and Conservation
Mrs. E. Quinn

Girls’ P Ed. Head of Girls’ P Ed.
Miss J. Hanna

Religious Ed, English and LLW Head of R Ed./Co-ordinator for Personal Development
Mrs. A. Mann

French and Spanish Co-ordinator of European Awareness
Mrs. A. McCrory

Music and ICT Co-ordinator of ICT/E Learning
Miss J. Nelson

English School Promotion – Photographs, Prospectus
Mrs. M. Moorehead

Music and SEN SENCO
Mr. R. Poots

Tech & Design Head of Technology and Design/Transport Management
Mr. J. Ervine

Tech & Design and LLW Environmental Awareness
Mrs. C. Walker

English Area of Study Co-ordinator – English/Literacy/Year Head
Mrs. D. Gray

Home Economics  
Mrs. K. Maginnis

Mathematics Head of Study Co-ordinator – Mathematics/Numeracy/Year Head
Mrs. K. Walmsley

Geography Head of Geography
Mrs. J. Alexander

Mrs. U. O’Reilly

French and Spanish  
Mr. C. Lawther

Science and LLW Head of Science/Responsible for House, Prefect System, Uniform and Confiscated Property
Mrs. L. Dougan

P Ed. and R Ed.  
Mrs. V. Patterson

Art and Design  
Mr. G. Black

Tech & Design and LLW Co-ordinator for Citizenship and Education for Mutual Understanding/Responsibility for School Trips/Year Head/Charities
Mrs. W. Gilbert

English, History and Drama Head of Drama
Mrs. R. Kerr

French, Spanish and Music Area of Study Co-ordinator – Modern Languages/Year Head
Mrs. S. Wilkinson

 Home Economics  


Mrs. A. Graham  (Senior Executive Officer)

Mrs. C. Bleakney  (Clerical Officer)

Mrs. A. Pickering  (Clerical Officer)

Mrs. P. Thompson  (Clerical Officer)

Mrs. J. Cordner  (School Nurse)

Mrs. R. Irwin (Art Technician)

Mrs. E. Blakely (Home Economics Technician)

Mr. S. Cousins  (TD Technician)

Mr. R. Clifford  (Science Technician)

Mr. G. Castles  (Caretaker)

Mr. J. Parks  (Caretaker)



Classroom Assistants

Mrs E. Reynolds

Mrs L. King

Mrs K. Lowry Marks

Mrs J. Hamilton

Mrs S. Mailey

Mrs J. Black