Visit From Famous Author Tom Palmer

Recently, hundreds of pupils eagerly piled into the library at Lurgan Junior High for an audience with author, Tom Palmer. Sport and literacy go hand in hand in Tom Palmer’s exciting books; he encourages young people to read by using sport as a hook to grab their attention and interest.
Mrs Mailey, who organised the event has her own connections with sport as her father, Ray Hunter, won Cricket and Rugby caps for Ireland.
Mr Hunter was very well known for his Rugby. He played his club matches for CIYMS and gained 10 Irish caps between 1962 and 1966.

Rugby shirt worn by Mr Hunter and photographs of him playing

Rugby shirt worn by Mr Hunter and photographs of him playing
Mr Palmer encouraged pupils to exercise their minds as well as their bodies and he has inspired pupils by talking about his personal writing experience and some of the books he has written.
Mr Palmer told the pupils, “I discovered reading through my hobby; football. I read about it in newspapers, magazines websites and books. I hope you find something you really enjoy reading.”

Tom Palmer with Mrs Mailey and some Year 8 pupils

“I really enjoyed the talk from Tom. He was really enthusiastic about his writing.” Cassie 8A1
“I have already read some of Tom Palmer’s books and I love how he uses sport to get his messages across. I was really pleased to not only get a few more of his books, but to get them signed by him as well – that was a real bonus!” Sarah 8A1
“I really enjoyed the day because I thought that he explained the plots of his books really well and this has made me want to read them. I intend to get some from the library as soon as possible.” Ethan 8A2
“I have the whole series of Tom Palmers Football Academy books at home. I love all of the plots and the life troubles that his characters face. His books are brilliant!” Nathan 8A2
Mr Palmer inspired pupils by telling them about his reading and writing journey, “I struggled to finish novels when I was at school. I have written these special short books about sport because they are what I would have enjoyed reading.”
“I love reading and would love to be an author myself when I grow up. I loved hearing about Tom’s writing experience and that he really thinks very carefully about the words he uses in his writing.”

Lucy 8A3 getting her book signed

Tom Palmer’s visit was a great success and pupils at Lurgan Junior High have been inspired and motivated to get out onto the pitches to exercise their bodies and also to read and even pick up the pen themselves and exercise their minds too. We are eagerly awaiting the publication of Mr Palmer’s newest book ‘Defenders’.
By Lydia 9BY