Sporting Prowess at Lurgan Junior High

Sport plays a major role in the life of Lurgan Junior High. The school has connections with Waves Swimming Club, Glenavon FC, Lurgan Town FC, Lurgan Ladies Hockey Club, Lurgan Rugby and Cricket Club and Waringstown Cricket Club.

It is becoming increasingly well known that exercise is not only good for our physical health but for our mental health also. Working and playing as part of a team is a great life skill; team sports give us lots of opportunities to develop this skill.

“Exercising helps me to be less stressed. I always feel very positive after exercising.” Said Anna 10AX

The love of sport has a huge effect on the pupils at Lurgan Junior High. Rhys 10JE commented, “PE is one of my favourite subjects in school. I love taking part in sporting events and I play for the rugby team.

“I was selected to compete in the Districts Athletic Completion last year, where I did particularly well in the 100 meter sprint. I came first with a time of 11.48 seconds, which I am really proud of.

“Sport helps me to keep focused and keep fit and healthy. It gets me out of the house, which means you are not always on your phone or playing computer games, so sport is obviously a better option.

“I love playing sport with my friends. It is great for building friendships as you become closer to them when you play as a team, you win together and you lose together. Playing for the school teams gives me further opportunities to engage in the sports that I love.”

Rhys out in front in the 100m meters sprint.

Lydia is part of the Lurgan Ladies Hockey team and has commented on how much she loves the sport.

Lydia said, “I have always had a love for sport. I started playing hockey for school and wanted to continue this to club level.

Lydia playing for Lurgan Junior High in the Quarter final of the Junior Cup.

“My skills in hockey started to get noticed when I was in Primary 4 and I then began to play in my primary school A Team and a year above at club level.
“When I started Lurgan Junior High, I was only in the school a week when I was selected to play for the Year 9 and 10 teams. Playing sport for the school teams has opened up opportunities with Ulster which I am really excited about.”
Lydia playing for Lurgan Junior High in the Quarter final of the Junior Cup.

Anna playing for Lurgan Junior High in the Quarter final of the Junior Cup.

Anna10AX, stated that “Playing hockey at Lurgan Junior High has given me a real passion for the sport. So much so that I really wanted to play for at club level.”
Both Lydia and Anna played in the final of the Junior Cup on Monday 6th March at Stormont. The team of girls played exceptionally well and were well supported by staff and pupils who came to watch the match and give their support.Since the appointment of Mrs Quinn in 2004, the school has won the cup three times in 2005/06, 2006/07 and last year 2015/16.

The girls played with passion and enthusiasm. They showed great maturity and depth of character, when they were narrowly defeated by Killicomaine Junior High, 2-1.

Max 10AX showing support for LJHS

Max 10AX showing support for LJHS

Mrs Currie, principal of Lurgan Junior High, stated “The journey to the final has been wonderful for our girls. They have played their hearts out, been ecstatic in victory and courageous in defeat.”

Sport clearly makes a big impact upon the pupils at Lurgan Junior High and the links with the community mean that Lurgan Junior High School is becoming a local hot sport for sporting talent.

By Jodi