Fair Trade Foundations

Recently members from Craigavon Borough Council have been visiting the local schools in the Craigavon area telling young children and adolescence about the fair trade organisation and how it works.
Fair Trade is a global movement within the UK which produces and manufactures food, clothes and other accessories which have all come from the Fair Trade Company.
Fair trade has a logo on all of the product’s packaging. This symbolises that each time a product is sold extra money is sent to the farmers who produce the products as most companies are not sending back enough money from the profit they endure. This means that farmers all around the world who work for the fair trade company are earning the money they should be.
Last week four members of the fair trade company came to visit our school, Lurgan Junior High School. They came in a fair trade bus where they told pupils all about fair trade and how it works. They also explained how fair trade products are slightly cheaper than the average products people would usually buy. They also presented us with some fair trade chocolate which tasted as good as Galaxy chocolate!
Pupils were free to ask any questions related to the workings of fair trade and the products available to buy with the fair trade symbol. The fair trade staff made their presentation very personal and they addressed in how fair trades clothes are that slightly bit cheaper. Also to know that the fair items you purchase insures that most of the profit will go to the farmers who made it.

Tea farmer Patrick Kaberia Muthaura shared his personal story on the fair trade foundation website. His powerful message is about the difference fair trade has made in his life and his family’s.
By Jodie and Lucy,9BY