England Gets The Win For Six Nations’ Title

Image from Charlie - www.flickr.com/photos/fearless_fred/
Image from Charlie – www.flickr.com/photos/fearless_fred/

On Saturday England secured the Six Nations title with a fantastic score of 61-21 at Twickenham Stadium.
Scotland came down with two win from Ireland and Wales and looking for another at Twickenham but when it hit half time there was no hope of a comeback as they were down by too many tries.
England kept their foot on the peddle and drove on to the end to make the score a whopping 61-21. On Saturday Joseph’s was the most eye-catching player. He uses his pace and ability. England saw the perfect demonstration of that when he scored his hat trick against Scotland.
England are at their best performance of their season and are dominating there opponents and are looking to win the six nations for the third time next season as well and looking to win more tournaments to follow.
By Ben, Lewis and Daniel