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 Child Exploitation & Human Trafficking, two phrases describing issues which we might think of as ‘foreign’, and not really affecting our local community. But are these crimes truly that far from our doorstep?

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During our recent visit to Castle Buildings, Stormont, when we interviewed the Minister of Justice, David Ford, we got a lovely surprise.  Working in the corridors of power is one of our former pupils, Miss Julie Wilson.

Julie attended Lurgan Junior High School around 30 years ago!  Following attending our school, Julie completed her education at Lurgan College and St. Andrew’s University, Scotland.

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Here at Lurgan Junior High, we have been working closely with students of Messiah College from Pennsylvania near Gettysburg. They have been coming to our school for over ten years, helping us learn more about racial segregation and racism in the United States.

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 A very brave student in our school,  Jindara, and her Mum, recently had their hair cut and shaved off for the  “Little Princess Trust”.

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 Japan are taking staying at a hotel to the next level in the generation. The soon to be 72 roomed Henn-na hotel will be introducing robots as staff when it opens in July. There are 10 robots so far in this production and they will be able to greet and carry their bags to their room and after the people leave they will be able to clean and prepare the rooms for the next human/s. They can speak fluent Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English.

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 On World Book Day (March 5, 2015) LJHS contributed to a World Book Day competition (WoBoD). In order to enter, participants had to write a book, create a mural or poster, or record a video to highlight ‘Why we can’t live without books’. For our entry, our class created a video of some pupils performing several songs with the lyrics edited to fit in with the topic. These performances included carefully thought out dance routines and costumes.

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 Due to a recent off-screen incident, the famous television programme ‘Top Gear’ has been postponed for the time being.
Co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond have made the decision to not continue with the show as fellow presenter Jeremy Clarkson was recently suspended due to an off-camera incident.

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Many women consider it part of their daily routine to shave their legs and underarms.  It seems that an increasing number of women are also shaving their faces to get a smoother, sleek look.  It would appear that men are not the only ones wanting “the best that they can get”.  In fact there are groups of women out there for whom a morning facial shave is as natural as brushing their teeth.

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