Religious Education



We want to encourage all of you, our Religious Education  pupils, to explore, analyse and reflect on religious belief and experience, both in your own, and in other societies. Life is like a JOURNEY the OUTWARD journey, to discover the variety of religious belief in your own community and of those beyond; the INNER journey,  helping you towards becoming mature, deepening your own spiritual life and also exploring the idea of commitment to personal faith. Your R.E. teachers will aim to present lessons that are relevant, exciting and challenging for today’s teenagers!  Together, we will  examine Christianity using the Bible as our starting point.  At the same time it we will reflect upon the experience of other faiths throughout the world. All of our R.E. pupils are  encouraged to examine  issues of importance, both moral and spiritual, and to develop independent decision-making skills.  We frequently consider what is the ‘Right‘ thing to do in any given situation, often the Bible has signposts to direct us when making our decisions.  When faced with dilemmas, we hope that you will be able to make informed and mature choices for your life. It is hoped that through the topics studied in RE, you will grow to become responsible members of our school family, our local community and the wider world in which you live!  

RE Staff : Miss J Hanna (Head of Department), Mrs L Dougan, Mr J Guy and Mrs A McCrory  

Religious Education Syllabus

Pupils in Lurgan Junior High School will study a range of topics during their three years with the Religious Education Department.  At the bottom of this page you can see a list of all the topics studied by each year group in detail.

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Our Twitter address is:  @LJHS_REdept      Here are the winners of the RE Drug Awareness Poster Campaign 1st Place – Hannah Runners up – Samantha, Amber.


Year 9 REACH Team “Values” Sessions Year 9 classes have been exploring the topic of “Values” with the REACH Team during February and March 2013.  They have enjoyed discussion, drama, media presentations, target-setting and group-work with the team.  See the photos of these sessions below! DSC046992-300x225

Yr-10   External-Agencies