Personal Developement


personaldev3The personal development and pastoral care of our young people at Lurgan Junior High School is of paramount importance.  Through the Personal Development Programme  we endeavour to promote …

  • a holistic approach to self-development and raising self-esteem
  • the development of well rounded “whole” people
  • positive experiences equipping our young people with the skills to deal with life.
  • skills and values centred firmly on the person.
  • the ability of pupils to function as individuals on a number of levels :-




        Cognitive (Intellectual)



We wish to enable all of our pupils to reflect upon their life at every level and to strive towards Personal Development in every level of their life.  Through the Personal Development Programme we want to teach children skills that will enable them to become rounded individuals who will have a positive impact upon our school and its community.      


From time to time we avail of the services of a number of external agencies to enhance the promotion of healthy lifestyles and positive self-regard.  All agencies engaging directly with pupils strictly adhere to the policies, values and ethos particular to our school.  Please use the web links below to access information that may be valuable to you as a parent.

Currently we utilize the services offered by

Love for Life –

The R.E.A.C.H. Team – Mr G Martin and Pastor R Preston 

The Eating Distress Association (ADAPT).

The Young Carers N. Ireland.

New Life Counselling

If you have any concern regarding the well-being of your child, please do not hesitate to contact the school office where you will be directed to a member of staff most suited to deal with your concern.

Additionally, if you wish to discuss any matter pertaining to the Personal Development Programme in Lurgan JHS, please contact Miss J Hanna (Head of Department) who will be pleased to assist you.


Year 9 REACH Team Sessions – February & March 2013

Year 9 classes have been enjoying the “Values” sessions with the REACH Team this term.  Pupils have explored various issues through drama, discussion, group-sessions, games, media-presentations and team-building activities.  Setting personal goals for living has been a target of these sessions, hoping to encourage our young people to make healthy choices for living their lives.