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The Employability Department seeks to enable all pupils to discover and develop their skills and qualities fully in a safe, caring, challenging and enjoyable environment so that they will be competent to take their place in society both now and in the future. 


The aim of Education for Employability is to ensure that all young people develop personal qualities, skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes which will give them a strong foundation for lifelong learning, work and citizenship in a rapidly changing economic environment.




Education for Employability comprises three objectives:

  • Work in the Global Economy
  • Career Management
  • Skills and Qualities for Work.

Work in the Global Economy

This objective focuses on developing a critical understanding of how and why the world of work is changing, including:

  • the impact of global interdependence and technology on the pace of economic change and the on the nature and patterns of employment
  • the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers and the impact of key structures, organisations and regulations (such as the European Union)
  • efficient management of personal, financial and environmental resources.


employ-pic-6Career Management

This objective focuses on developing the knowledge and understanding, skills and qualities which pupils will need to deploy in the management of their careers. The key elements are:

  • self-awareness – the ability to examine individual strengths in relation to employment opportunities, personal development and career enhancement
  • careers exploration – learning about career opportunities and developing the skills to research, analyse and evaluate options
  • career planning – the process of deploying the knowledge, understanding and skills to make informed choices about education options and career opportunities.


Skills and Qualities for Workemploy-pic-51

The main objective of this dimension is to encourage pupils to develop the skills and qualities which they will need for work. In contexts relevant to employability, pupils should have opportunities to practice and refine the generic skills (personal skills, interpersonal skills, physical skills, thinking skills, learning skills, and ICT skills) and to gain experience and confidence in integrating and transferring these to new situations.


Upcoming Employability Events

02-04-12     Young Enterprise Yr 8 – Your School Your Business

26-04-12     Royal Navy Presentation – Yr9s

27-04-12     Young Enterprise Yr 9 – YE9

03-05-12     Young Enterprise Yr 10 – Learn to Earn

17-05-12     Young Enterprise Yr 10 – Project Business

18-05-12     Young Enterprise Yr 10 – Project Business


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