Art and Design


Mrs J Clements (Head of Department)

Miss S Bloomer

Mrs V Patterson

Art and Design is part of everyone’s life.  It has universal appeal to the mind, senses and the imagination and therefore rightly deserves a place in every child’s education.

Visual awareness and particular intellectual and practical skills unique to the subject are developed in pupils.  Qualities of imaginative flair, flexibility and ingenuity developed through the subject are valuable for any future career.

Within the Art and Design Department pupils will be given the opportunity to develop the intellect through problem-solving, research and design.  We hope to heighten a sense of aesthetic awareness, stimulate creative ability and enrich lives.

Art and Design will provide enjoyable experiences, allowing pupils to respond to the world around them, develop imagination, express ideas and feelings and also allows them to pursue natural curiosity and wonder about their world.  Activities in Art and Design will develop worthwhile social skills and attitudes such as tolerance, respect for others’ views and property, perseverance and commitment.  Artistic expression is indeed an important personal element in the development of a pupil’s own identity.

Art and Design not only makes its own unique contribution to the curriculum but also supports and extends the understanding promoted in other subject areas, and provides opportunities for cross-curricular work such as projects in English, Geography, the Sciences, TD, and Home Economics.  Art and Design links with the other subjects in the Expressive Area of Study namely Music, PE and Drama.  Art and Design is constantly involved with visual discrimination and appraisal which have considerable vocational relevance.  Within this field there is a wide range of career options for interested and capable pupils. Art and Design has a clearly recognisable role to play in the educating of the whole child and therefore commands a place in every child’s education.

Pupils will receive a wide variety of creative and expressive experiences to enable them to develop knowledge, skills and understanding central to the whole curriculum.  These experiences will provide pupils with unique opportunities for observing, recording, designing, creating, imagining, communicating and appreciating.